WSM-0602  Price $850.00
Heavy Duty Compound Feed Lock Stitch with SEWSTRONG Servo Motor


Large Size M Bobbin

 Self-Oiler! No need to oil by hand

Large Rotary Hook & Bobbin case.

High Lift Heavy Duty Walking Foot


The WSM-0602,was specially designed for heavy weight fabric and leather. With its powerful feeding system, wider presser foot stroke, high presser foot lift and longer stitch length, the sturdily structured machine can easily deal with laborious material and heavy weight sewing thread. It features compound feed, needle feed and walking presser foot. Used for sewing parachutes, luggage cases, sofa cushions, boat and furniture upholstery, leather products, etc...

Standard Attachments easily installed.
Uses standard Singer Type 211 welting feet.

Speed, Max. (S.P.M): 2500
Stitch length: 0-10mm
Needle bar stroke: 35mm
Take up stroke: 71.5mm
Presser foot lift by hand: 8mm
Presser foot lift by knee: 15mm
Hook: Large Rotary Hook & Bobbin case.
Thread sizes from 33 to 207
Lubrication: Self (Has oil pan & built in oil pump)
Uses Needle 135x17 (DPx17)


Similar machines are;
Highlead GCO618-1-SC SEIKO STH8BL, JUKI 1541S &

Uses Standard Needle;

DPx17 (135X17)

Or  (TRI) Needles

DPx16 (135x16)



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