Clear Sewing Machine Oil
Stains become much less noticeable and are easily removed using this oil than using other standard machine oils.

Item # SORLW1Q Price $9.95 per US Quart

Item # SORLW1 Price $17.95 per US Gallon

Item # SORLW1 Price $99.00 per case of 6 Gallons


Lily White Sewing Machine Oil / 1 US Gallon Plastic Jug (3.8 liters)
There are 128 ounces (4-32 oz. quarts) in a US gallon.

Made in the USA

Highly refined, low viscosity and virtually colorless.
Perfect lubricant for Sewing and Embroidery machines.
Also used in cutting machines and other machinery which comes into contact with fabric.

Other uses;
High/Low-Volume Shredders
Dental and Lab Equipment


SORLW1Q (1 Quart) $9.95 

SORLW1 (1 Gallon) $17.95 

SORLW1 (Case of 6 Gallons) $16.50 ea. ($99.00)


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