Clear Sewing Machine Oil
Stains become much less noticeable and are easily removed using this oil than using other standard machine oils.

Item # SORLW1Q Price $9.95 per US Quart

Item # SORLW1 Price $17.95 per US Gallon

Item # SORLW1 Price $99.00 per case of 6 Gallons


Lily White Sewing Machine Oil / 1 US Gallon Plastic Jug (3.8 liters)
There are 128 ounces (4-32 oz. quarts) in a US gallon.


Highly refined, low viscosity and virtually colorless.
Perfect lubricant for Sewing and Embroidery machines.
Also used in cutting machines and other machinery which comes into contact with fabric.

Other uses;
High/Low-Volume Shredders
Dental and Lab Equipment

SORLW1Q (1 Quart) $9.95 

SORLW1 (1 Gallon) $17.95 

SORLW1 (Case of 6 Gallons) $16.50 ea. ($99.00)


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