Price: $525.00
180 Stitch Patterns

G110 Stitches

Combine decorative stitches or lettering into pattern sequences and save them to the machine memory. 

The Juki HZL-G110 allows you to combine up to 70 patterns.  Stitch them once, or stitch them over and over with the touch of a button.

Stitches include:
8 Buttonholes
Letters and Numbers
Wide selection of decorative stitches
G110 Display
Easy to Use LED Display

Selecting the right pattern is easy on the HZL-G110 . 

The LED screen displays the stitch settings, pattern and even recommends the best presser foot to use.


Perfect for Large Projects

The Juki HZL-G110 has plenty of room to handle even the largest projects. 

The large underarm area and stable base make this machine a perfect quilting companion and an excellent choice for home decor projects.
G110 DVD
Included Accessories

HZL-G110 Instructional DVD

G110 Case

Hard Shell Carrying Case


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Text 845-418-5854