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  • For sewing medium to medium heavy-weight fabrics, leather, canvas, vinyl, synthetics and various coated and laminated materials
  • Designed for sewing operations which require decorative or functional angular stitching such as collars, pockets, shoe uppers, auto, boat and furniture upholstery, slacks, shirts, etc.
  • Designed for stitching such products as overalls, raincoats, luggage, travelware accessories, bags, umbrellas, awnings, covers, tarpaulins, tents, wearing apparel, outdoor clothing, underwear, etc.
  • General/parallel two-needle stitching
  • Suitable for stitching uneven, hollow, tubular, and curved articles
  • Also for secondary operations on finished articles such as attaching braids, pockets, tapes, etc.
  • Compound feed, walking foot mechanism assures perfect feeding of sewing material
  • Large hooks and bobbin cases with their own thread take-up mechanism assure uniform and perfect stitching with minimal bobbin changes
  • Easy operation of disengage-able right and left needle bars by use of finger-touch lever
  • Centra-LubeŽ semi-automatic lubrication system
  • Oil fed take-up
  • Reverse stitching
  • Various gauge sets available
  • Safety clutch protects the hooks from being damaged

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