Consew 326S-1 and 326D-1T
High Speed Chainstitch Machines

  • For sewing light to medium weight fabrics, knits and denim
  • Suitable for such operations as lap seam felling, hemming, binding,
    joining and plain stitching
  • Designed for sewing stretchable seams
  • For stitching such products as blouses, shirts, suits, knitted goods,
    ladies and children's dresses and skirts, coats, pants, uniforms, pajamas,
    work clothes, etc.
  • Automatic lubrication
  • Cam-type take-up lever minimizes tension on the lower threads to allow
    stitches to stretch
  • Moving presser foot eliminates slippage and puckering
  • Two needle- four thread double chainstitch Model 326D-1T


Phone; 800-225-8342 / 845- 627-8873
Fax 845-627-6949



326S-1 Single Needle Chainstitch

326D-1T Double Needle Chainstitch

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